Dystonia Nation
Where is the country of Dystonia? It's everywhere - on every continent, and among all peoples. Dystonians and their loved ones around the world are united in a common cause - to promote research and development of better treatment methods, and to support each other in addressing the challenges of this disease. Together, we are as one - Dystonia Nation.
What is dystonia?
Dystonia is a disabling neurological movement disorder that affects an estimated 3,000,000 people worldwide. It is characterized by sustained muscle spasms that can cause twisting movements or abnormal postures, as well as chronic severe pain. While there is no known cure and treatment options are limited, research is underway to discover the causes of the disease, and to develop better treatment methods. For further details about the various forms of dystonia, please visit our Information page.
Who cares?
In addition to the many medical scientists and healthcare professionals who strive to understand this disease and to assist those who are affected by it, a growing number of non-profit organizations are dedicated to the cause of promoting dystonia research and supporting dystonians and their families. For links to these groups and to other helpful sources of information and support, please visit our Resources page.
What can you do?
There are many ways you can help. From volunteering to lead a local support group, to organizing events in your community, to participating in research, contributing funds, or joining a media campaign - there is no reason to sit on the sidelines when the internet connects us so easily, we have so much work to do. Please contact the organizations listed on our Resources page to learn about opportunities for advancing our cause.
Get the word out!
If you want to help spread the word about dystonia, you can find stylish t-shirts and other merchandise for sale in our online shop. All proceeds are donated to organizations supporting dystonia research and services. Please click the Shop link in the navigation bars to visit our store.

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