About Dystonia Nation
Where is the country of Dystonia? It's everywhere - on every continent, and among all peoples. Dystonians and their loved ones around the world are united in a common cause - to promote research and development of better treatment methods, and to support each other in addressing the challenges of this disease. Together, we are as one - Dystonia Nation.
What is dystonianation.org?
Dystonianation.org is a non-profit portal providing links to information and resources for people whose lives are affected by dystonia, and for others who simply want to know more about the disease. This site is not directly affiliated with any organization, public or private, nor does it offer direct or intermediary services beyond the retail sale of merchandise through an online shop hosted at Zazzle.com. All proceeds from these sales are donated to organizations supporting dystonia research and services (see details below). 
Why sell merchandise?

The retail sale of Dystonia Nation merchandise (t-shirts, bumper stickers, buttons, mugs, etc.) serves two purposes:

1) To promote dissemination of information about dystonia

Scarcity of public knowledge and understanding about dystonia is one of the main stumbling blocks encountered by people who are trying to manage the disease in their daily lives, and by those who wish to further the cause of dystonia research. 

Dystonia Nation merchandise is designed to offer an informal way to bridge that information gap - to initiate discussions, or simply to let people know that this is an issue you care about, and would like others to understand. 

Our web address is usually included in the design, so that people who are interested can find out more about dystonia through the information and resources provided on this site.

2) To generate funds for organizations that support dystonia research and services

By preference, Dystonia Nation would offer merchandise at cost to everyone who wants to help spread the word about dystonia, but every Zazzle.com sale pays at least a 10% "royalty" to the store owner. Since there is no way to eliminate this surcharge, we have left the royalty rate at the minimum 10%, and will donate all proceeds directly to one of the organizations listed below. 

Who benefits from merchandise sales?

All proceeds from retail sales through the Dystonia Nation online shop will be donated to one of the following organzations:

American Dystonia Society
Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinsons Foundation
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation
Questions unanswered?
If you have any questions about this site, please feel free to contact us through the address provided on our Contact page. We will try to respond promptly.

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